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PhD scholarship in regenerative neurobiology (available now!)

We invite applications from exceptional graduate students seeking to undertake a PhD in regenerative neurobiology starting in 2018.

  • The PhD candidate will join Dr Merson's group to examine how age-related epigenetic changes in neural stem and progenitor cells influence their capacity to remyelinate the brain. 
  • The successful PhD candidate will be granted an RTP Stipend (formerly Australian Postgraduate Award), 2017 rate A$26,682 p.a. for three years, with a possible 6 month extension.
  • For this particular scholarship, applicants must be Australian residents.


Other PhD projects (International and local students)

We have a number of other PhD projects available in the lab:

  • mapping myelin turnover in the central nervous system
  • defining the role of electrical activity in regulating remyelination of the brain
  • understanding how myelin topography is established in white matter
  • examining the influence of oligodendrocyte pathology on axonal energy metabolism
  • defining the in vivo stem cell niche for myelin formation


BSc(Hons) projects

  • using in vivo fate-mapping to identify drugs that promote remyelination
  • high content screening of agents that influence oligodendrocyte production and myelination
  • ex vivo analysis of oligodendrocyte development using organotypic brain slices
  • generation of viruses for manipulating oligodendrocyte progenitor cells in vivo


Summer scholarships

Undergraduate students with excellent undergraduate academic performance are encouraged to contact Dr Merson about pursuing a summer scholarship in the group. This is a great way to get some lab experience and increase your options for further research.


DEV3990 students

Students enrolled in this subject through the Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology at Monash University can elect Dr Merson as their academic supervisor and complete a research project in the Merson Group. Students will work on a research project to obtain data, complete a final report and will give a series of oral presentations on their work. Students will also undertake an informal written open-book exam comprising 3 brief essays based on weekly tutorials.



Postdoctoral researchers

Exceptional PhD graduates who have completed a PhD in patch clamp electrophysiology are encouraged to contact Dr Merson about pursuing a postdoctoral project examining neuron-oligodendrocyte interactions.


Please email Dr Merson to express your interest: tobias.merson[at]